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Why Chicken – The Nutritional Value of Chicken:


Chicken has a high protein content.  Proteins are the building blocks of muscles. Protein is composed of amino acids, which also maintains and strengthens other vital functions in the body, including cells, bones and the degradation of toxics.

In addition to proteins, chicken is also abundant in vitamins. Chicken meat is a rich source of B group vitamins, which strengthen the immune system, improve the nervous system and generally give more energy in the everyday life.  It also produces a good dose of vitamin D, while the vitamin A in chicken ensures a sharp eyesight.

Chicken also excels by being a lean meat protein, with a low content of saturated fat compared to red meat types such as beef and pork. This not only contributes to a healthy weight, but also benefits the cholesterol levels. Eating chicken on a regular basis can help you to lose weight in a healthy way.

Chicken has lots of minerals.  It is rich in iron, which helps the red blood cells deliver oxygen to the cells, phosphorus, which contributes to strong teeth and a healthy brain, and selenium, which plays an important role in the cell’s defense against diseases such as cancer.



Why choose Nutri Valley chicken beast fillet


Nutri Valley Chicken breast fillet is rich in an array of important nutrients and is a perfect option for people who lead healthy and active lifestyles, as well as professional and amateur sports persons.  It provides organisms with multiple minerals such zinc, selenium, magnesium and phosphorus.  Nutri Valley Chicken breast fillet is the ideal option to restore nutritional values after tiring exercise.

Nutri Valley Chicken breast fillet is a 100% natural product without preservatives or flavouring.  It is a delicious snack with a high content of digestible protein.

If you take care of your figure, then choose Nutri Valley chicken with 18g protein and only 8.4g of fat per 100g.

Why Fish – The Nutritional Value of Fish:


Nutri Valley canned fish products are a valuable source of protein, vitamins and minerals.  Canned fish is comparable to their fresh-cooked counterparts in nutritional value, because the protein is not affected by the heat treatment when the can is being sealed.

Fish is an important part of the Mediterranean diet.  It is recommended that fish should be eaten at least twice a week.

After a strenuous work out at the gym or a long run or cycle, you need to quickly replenish your body with a snack that is high in protein and carbohydrates.

Nutri Valley Tuna fillet in olive oil and Nutri Valley Salmon fillet in its own sauce are a perfect choice.  They have high quality protein content, low fat content, vitamins and minerals and most importantly large amounts of omega 3.  Omega 3 acids are very beneficial to health – cardiovascular problems, some kinds of cancer, lung diseases, skin diseases.  Omega 3 fatty acids control blood pressure and make the arteries more flexible therefore aiding to a great extent harmful cholesterol.  As our products are ready to eat, they can quickly be turned into a delicious snack or complete meal at home or in the office.

Nutri Valley Sustainability:


Nutri Valley canned packaging helps to reduce both food and packaging waste.

Canned food is a great option if you want to make simple, nutritious and tasty meals, they are also a great environmental choice.  They are one of the best ways to protect the environment, to reduce waste, save energy and preserve the planet’s natural resources.  All metal cans are recyclable.  Canned food has a long shelf life, so you cook it when you want to and reduce food waste.  You don’t need to store them in a fridge or freezer, so you save on electricity.



Nutri Valley Canned Packaging:


Canning is a method of preserving foods for long periods by packing them in airtight containers.  There are 3 main steps to the canning process:



the meat or fish is prepared


the food is sealed in cans


the cans are heated to kill harmful bacteria and prevent spoilage

Canning preserves most of the foods nutrients.