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Discover Nutri Valley

The vision of Nutri Valley is to meet the changing needs of consumers every day. As stated by the pioneering spirit of it’s founder, “we want to delight consumers with high quality and easy solutions to healthy eating”.
Nutri Valley is all about healthy, simple, delicious and enjoyable food. Our range of versatile products are prerequisites for your food cupboard. They are perfect for sandwiches, salads, on top of pizzas or as in ingredient in cooking, as a quick snack on the go or as a family meal.
Our canned meats and fish are definitely worth adding to your healthy diet, containing no artificial colourings, additives or preservatives. Each product is low in fat, but high in protein.
Our canned products have a shelf life of between 3 and 5 years, which is much longer than the frozen equivalent. The canning process keeps all the nutrients in the food & keeps the food safe for a long time.
Taste and freshness wherever you are. Our packaging is suitable for all weather conditions as it does not require storage in fridge.
Our products have excellent nutritional values and are a great for salads, sandwiches and warm dishes.




High in protein, succulent and delicious

CHICKEN Breast Fillet in vinaigrette sauce

TURKEY Breast Fillet in its own sauce

CHICKEN Breast Fillet in its own sauce

SALMON Fillet in its own sauce

CHICKEN Breast Fillet in Olive Oil